SHIATSU is originally from China where it is known as TUINA.


Monks brought it over to Japan where it was adapted to the local needs and developed to its current form which is now practiced worldwide.

SHIATSU is a traditional Japanese form of massage and uses finger pressure, more commonly known as acupressure because it uses the same pressure points as in acupuncture.


There is no use of needles whatsoever in Shiatsu. The thumbs, fingers, palms, elbows and knees are used.

SHIATSU goes together with a healthy common sense.


Shiatsu is part of a healthy lifestyle combined with healthy nutrition, good breathing, appropriate exercise and a positive attitude.

SHIATSU uses pressure points on energy lines (meridians) to stimulate the natural self-healing power in our body. First and foremost the goal of Shiatsu is to keep the body healthy to be able to function optimally.


A monthly treatment builds a good resistance against illnesses, both physically and mentally. In addition to this, regular treatments can be a wonderful relaxation or provide a much needed boost.

SEIKI is a more subtle way of making the energy flow. A soft touch of the hands brings a deep relaxation, and sometimes an encounter with the inner-self.


This is ideal for people who are too sensitive to physical pressure in certain areas or, for those who are so tense, a soft stress-release is recommended before a more physical approach.

SHIATSU is used as a preventive treatment in healthy people and will help remedy the underlying causes of health problems.


Shiatsu can help with a variety of ailments such as stress, insomnia, fatigue, headache, backache, neck and shoulder complaints, muscle and joint aches, respiratory problems, digestive problems, hormonal problems, circulation problems,… The range of therapeutic applications is very broad.

A personal file is created for each client to follow their evolution and progress closely during a course of treatment and to adapt the treatment accordingly.


All information is strictly confidential.

As a Shiatsu practitioner I do not diagnose physical, psychological nor acute illnesses. This should be done by a doctor or a qualified person.


In case of severe illness, please consult a doctor. Shiatsu can be an addition to a medical treatment. (sic. BSF)

A complete Shiatsu treatment takes 1 hour to 1 hour and a half including a preliminary assessment and post-treatment evaluation.


The treatment requires loose and comfortable clothing.


During the first treatment more time is needed to go through your medical history, so it is best to foresee 2 hours.

I now no longer work on a Japanese futon, but on a massage table.


The ergonomic body cushion ensures a correct spinal position for an optimal treatment.


For people with mobility problems there is also massage chair available.

Each Shiatsu session is a holistic treatment through the integration of a kinesiology test, Seiki, cranio- sacral therapy, stretching, dietary and lifestyle advice such as:


  • breathing techniques
  • eating and sleeping habits
  • physical and mental exercises


All adapted to your individual needs.

A LIFE COACHING session can be given with or without shiatsu.


The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) links the mental and emotional causes of unbalance in the body with the physical.  The 5 elements-theory helps us to get to the core.


Our body warns us well in advance if we’re doing something wrong. We need to learn to listen to this.


Most situations often have the same triggers and symptoms, but for everyone a different cause.


This is, for example, how every burn-out is distinct and must be treated differently. This is exactly what we will be looking for in the life coaching.


Here too, no diagnosis will be made for which only a doctor is qualified. A collaboration is always advised.

BACH FLOWER THERAPY of Dr. Bach is completely natural and made from wild flowers, bushes and trees from our climatic zone. Anyone can use them and there are no documented side effects with or without other medication. Bach flowers influence a person’s temperament and can help process negative emotions away as well as make positive qualities blossom. Bach flowers can help with fear, anger, doubt, depression, grief, stress; and can build patience, understanding, trust and enthusiasm.


Bach flowers are chosen after a preliminary conversation and composed to fit each individual’s needs at that moment, together with an explanation of the chosen flower essences. This takes about half an hour.

The CHAKRA HEALING with the ‘Life Essences’, from the Australian Ben Risby Jones, harmonises and strengthens the chakras. It took him 6 years, 4 times around the world and 30 different countries to make the “Life Essences” from plants, corals and minerals. These essences bring relaxation and insight into the chaotic life of today’s society. The “Life Essences” are specifically meant to align the 7 basic aspects of the human existence.


We do not give this treatment here anymore, but you can contact

EAR CANDLES are still made by the HOPI Indians, the oldest pueblo tribe with great medicinal knowledge. Ear candles clear the aural canal up to the eardrum, and influences the nose and throat through the tube of Eustachius.


A treatment is recommended in situations such as: excess earwax, a common cold, headache, sinusitis, earache or as complete relaxation. A treatment is discouraged with a perforated eardrum, implants and acute ear infections.


This treatment is combined with a shoulder, neck and head massage and takes about 1 hour.