SWIMMING is very good for the general condition of your dog. The entire musculoskeletal system is used far more intensively than with walking and is supported by the buoyancy of the water.


This creates less risk of problems in the joints. Swimming is particularly beneficial for dogs with damaged or worn out joints from competition, old age or who are overweight. The joints stay supple longer.




The sooner, the better for PUPPY SWIMMING.


This helps with developing the muscles and alleviates growing pains. It’s good for socializing and against fear, but above all else it is fun!

An infinity swimming pool of 5m x 7m and 1m30 deep with a soft slope along the side makes it easy to access the pool. There is also a jet stream for the extra sporty dogs.


Thanks to an extra purification system the water stays at an optimal level with low levels of chlorine.  All around the pool there is floor heating and anti-slip tiling.


Both the room and the water are kept at 30°C.

During the first treatment we spend more time on the introduction, the history and the current state of your dog, so the swimming is a little shorter. The total duration is about 1 hour.


Swimming is very tiring, so don’t take your dog on any long walks or play with them intensively beforehand. The first times your dog will wear one of our life jackets, even if they already have experience.


It’s your own choice if you want to come with me in the water or not, in any case I will always accompany your dog into the swimming pool.

In a few cases your dog may not swim:


  • Dogs in heat for hygienic reasons
  • Heart conditions due to the extra effort required
  • Pulmonary conditions due to the pressure of the water and the extra effort
  • Contagious skin conditions and open wounds
  • Ear infections


Therefore I require you to bring along two forms to the first treatment; filled in and signed, together with the passport of your dog:



These forms can be found under ‘information’ on this site.

Behind the parking area is a dog toilet, where you can let out your dog once more before you come in.

While you get changed (or not) your dog will be introduced to the area, receive a shower and be fitted with a life jacket.


The swimming is always adapted to your dog; some dogs take to it immediately and others need a little more time. Depending on the improvement of the physical condition, rest pauses can be shortened.


After swimming your dog will receive another shower and be dried off. There is also a dryer available should you need it.


It may be a good idea to go to the dog toilet again before you drive off.

HYDROTHERAPY is beneficial after an accident or operation. Your dog needs, first and foremost, a lot of rest. Afterwards your dog needs to be guided in their revalidation by the veterinarian. If everything goes well then we can continue to work on their condition together. Hence, the mandatory form from your veterinarian.




PHYSICAL CONDITION TRAINING benefits competition dogs and also those who participate in shows. Due to extreme weather conditions or during holiday periods there is usually less training and optimal physical condition can decrease.