ACUPRESSURE FOR DOGS is very similar to acupressure for humans and uses the same pressure points as acupuncture, except that thumb pressure is used instead of needles.

As in Shiatsu, the emphasis is on keeping the meridians in balance and thus maintaining optimal health.


Just as for humans your dog must receive nutritional food, have appropriate exercise, and live in a hygienic and natural environment.


Your dog also requires guidance from a calm and assertive leader.

However, more and more we see that dogs have to adapt to our chaotic and stressful lifestyles, or into life in hectic cities, and not all dogs can handle that – just as not all humans can handle it – and often the two go together.

A combination of acupressure, Seiki, stretching exercises and possibly Bach flower remedies can help restore a dog’s balance.


As with Shiatsu, many physical and mental symptoms can be treated, such as: fears, stress, neurotic behaviours, sleeplessness, tiredness, listlessness, back- neck- and shoulder complaints, muscle and joint problems, hip disorders, breathing problems, digestive disorders, allergies, hormonal issues, circulatory dysfunctions,..

My aim is to bring both the owner and their dog in harmony and maintain that health.


The dog has to be able to rely on the owner as a calm and assertive “pack leader”, while the owner requires the trust of their canine companion.


Together they must form a team that can function harmoniously within their environment.

DOG MASSAGE combines different techniques such as: rubbing, rolling, kneading,… without treating specific points on the meridians.


A massage in itself is recommended as relaxation and to promote a good blood circulation.


In practice a short massage is integrated as an introduction to the acupressure or as a warm-up before swimming.

STRETCHING is beneficial for both dog and owner.


Especially older dogs, where the muscles are getting a little stiffer, and dogs with joint problems enjoy these exercises.


All muscles and tendons around the joints are softly and slowly stretched, after which the body can move more flexibly.

RELAXATION is the goal.


Usually acupressure, massage and stretching are combined into one treatment. In any case your dog will enjoy all the attention and will relax. The treatment stimulates the self-healing power of the body and hopefully you will also go home delightfully relaxed.


Besides, you are the mirror of your dog… or is it the other way round!

The acupressure for dogs is a preventative and additional therapy that encourages a collaboration with your veterinarian.


Especially after a surgical procedure I require written permission from the veterinarian (click here).


During the first treatment we spend more time on the introduction, the history and the current state of your dog, so the treatment is slightly shorter than subsequent treatments.


The total duration is about 1 hour.

Behind the parking area is a dog toilet where you should let your dog out before you come in.


For the hyperactive and over enthusiastic dogs there is a completely enclosed field. If necessary I will accompany you in the field before the treatment.